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When food and money is short, the children line up in the same river to collect a pile of sand with their bare hands and sell this sand for $3 to buy food.  

A group of children in front of their first mud-house, without electricity, no water, kitchen, utensils, table/bench, cooking stove or toilet, under a partial roof, leaking when it rains.

Jean Marie (JM) measures the land and draws the orphanage floor plan.

JM brought sandwich material and gave the kids their first sandwich ever...!

A single meal a day is prepared on a wood fire by laying the casserole on two bricks and a metal grid.

Orphelinat Divine Grace, as we first found it in April 2016 in Mbalmayo, Cameroon.

ODG, assessment and preparation, May 2016.

Part of our community of 25 children in April (30 in July)  enjoying a meal on one of the 2 foam mattresses, and 1 bunk bed, on which they all sleep.

ODG Leadership Team, Cameroon


JM and the boys found plastic bottles to make small greenhouses for the seeds be brought back from Belgium, mint and cucumbers, or cherry tomatoes.  They also found basil and salad locally, which they re-planted.

It all started the day Jackie was born (pictured on the right with Merlin). Jackie's grandmother could not pay for hospital fees and she asked Adeline to bring her daughter to the hospital for the imminent birth. Jackie's mother lost a lot of blood and before dying she handed over the newborn and said "Adeline, you are a good mother could you please take care of Jackie for me?" Every other child has a different story, but each story is rooted in pain and abandonment. 

The orphanage gets flooded in the rainy season and mosquitos bring malaria and other diseases to our kids. The neighborhood well is contaminated and water needs to be boiled before any use. The toilet is a hole in the ground and its waste water runs to the river in open air.  


Building an organic compost with the kids, to decay plant matters and use it to fertilize the soil. 

Florence, Adeline's sister, with some of the children God entrusted to her care.

Construction of slanted wood poles for cucumber vines, and a bamboo grid to support vines of cherry tomatoes.