Family of substitution of 8 to 10 children per house

The core family of 8 to 10 children will share 6 bedrooms laid around an open air atrium and equipped with a covered terrace, a kitchen and living/dining rooms.  The Family is headed by a Mother assisted by an Aunt both living in the house. They prepare breakfast and a light meal in the evening but for the main dinner, their family is served in a central dining room with all other families in the Village Care Center. 

Future Children Village for 30 children,

IMPACT CareGivers

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We want to build a Children Village for the 30 children presents at ODG, on sufficient land to expand to 80 to 100 children.

It will require 3 Children Family Houses, 1 Manager Family House and a central Care Center for dining, worship, and community activities.

A Primary school will be onsite and secondary education will be  arranged with local schools in the village.