IMPACT CareGivers

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Recent Programs

We serve every second Saturday of the month at the Cornerstone Homeless Shelter in Chicago. In Cameroon we started to assist on new orphanage in April 2016. 

How did we meet

Pacome Pika


if you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's serving food, aid in a kitchen, or collecting donations, we need you. And so do the orphanages and communities in need.

Georges Selvais

Co-founder, COO

Pacôme arrived in Chicago in 2015 with 3 young children, he soon found refuge in a homeless shelter where Georges has been serving for several years. A few months later, the family moved into Georges' house and the bond between the two men was quickly established: Pacôme knows and loves natural plants and their bio-chemistry and Georges  is an entrepreneur with experience in start-ups. This beautiful complementarity has resulted in the creation of a business “NaturHeals” to produce and market a line of cosmetic products that Pacôme had already started to develop in Canada. This is a challenge for Pacôme because in less than a year on  American soil and within only 4 months, NaturHeals had already created jobs in the US.  Their collaboration soon expanded as Pacôme and Georges are both very concerned about the well-being of people in need, so NaturHeals  supports homeless families in the US and an orphanage in  Africa.  Those charitable efforts are carried through  “Impact Care Givers, Ltd” a non-profit corporation they set up to pursue these goals and restore human  dignity wherever they can.

President of the Fund, Co-founder

Jonathan founded NUHEAT and Georges founded WarmlyYours, both are innovative companies in the electric floor heating industry and we met through industry contacts.​​

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to never have to experience the difficulties I see in the world every day. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be homeless, refugee, or an abandoned orphan child - and I think it’s a shame that in a country as great as ours, anyone should.


With that burning fire in my heart, I preside over IMPACT Care Givers and CQ Ventures, the corporation committed to fund IMPACT Care Givers' charity. We’re all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on orphanages we’re going to make a substantial impact on the lives of our children and our own eternal condition. We invite you to join our effort and we thank you for your support.

Jonathan Willner

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission:have an Impact on those we serve. We chose to assist the Cornerstone Homeless Shelter in Chicago and build an orphanage in Cameroon. This where we start with the faith that this effort will expand.

Ayant eu une vie remplie d’opportunités et de grâce, je me considère comme privilégié. J’estime avoir beaucoup appris de mes choix, lesquels quelque fois douloureux ont été d’une grande bénédiction pour moi car ils ont fait de moi la personne que je suis. Aujourd’hui je peux affirmer avec certitudes que l’une des causes premières des souffrances au tour de nous est le manque de compassion. Notre monde est de plus en plus très indifférent aux malheurs des autres et cela peut affecter considérablement leur dignité. C'est pourquoi nous avons créé « Impact Care Givers » pour aider les veuves, les orphelins, les indigents, les opprimés et les étrangers. Nous voulons rebâtir des vies aussi bien extérieurement qu’intérieurement.


Having had a life filled with opportunities and grace I consider myself privileged. I believe I have learned much from my choices, which although sometimes painful, were a great blessing to me because they made me the person I am. Today I can say with certainty that one of the root causes of suffering around us is the lack of compassion. Our world is becoming very indifferent to the misfortunes of others and this can greatly affect their dignity. That is why we created "Impact Care Givers" to help widows, orphans, the needy, the oppressed and foreigners. We want to rebuild lives both externally and internally.

We do a lot to improve life for poor  children and their communities in need!